Pushing It


Pushing It is a performative project featuring a roughly 200 lb quilted soft-sculpture “boulder” entitled RockyIII pushed uphill in true Sisyphean style. Testing the body and space through physical exertion, tension, and force, the work critiques labour and the narrative of success, navigating between endurance and futility.

This work was presented in a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Peterborough in Ontario and as a part of the [in]Sites Performance Series in 2017 with funding support from Arts Nova Scotia and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Special thanks to Fynn Leitch, Andrea Ritchie, Anne Macmillan, Luckas Cardona, Anna Taylor, Kayleigh Doleman, and Alexis Larocque. Documentation of performance at the Art Gallery of Peterborough courtesy of Matt + Steph.